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The social media apps and instant messengers have been playing a pivotal role in communication worldwide. The advanced and feature-rich instant messaging apps have replaced default text messaging. The users can share photos, videos, and audios with the use of commonly used social messengers. While there are scores of communication and social apps, WhatsApp messenger is the most popular instant messenger among all. The messenger enables users to communicate with the people across the world in a new fun way.

While the instant messaging app offers a wide variety of features letting users communicate with online fellows in the form of text, voice, emoticons, photos, and videos. However, there are certain dangers associated with the unbridled and unmanaged use of WhatsApp messenger. The younger children and teenagers are more likely to have a negative experience on the unsupervised use of instant messenger app.

The use of instant messenger app can be monitored with the help of spy software. The technologists have developed cell phone spy apps to enable users to remotely monitor and manage mobile phone devices. These apps are developed for parents to keep track of cell phone activities of their children, particularly their online and offline acts. This article discusses how spy software lets you monitor the use of WhatsApp messenger.

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is the most commonly used instant messaging app around the world at the moment. It offers a wide range of thrilling features enabling users to communicate with their online buddies. The messenger app offers an exchange of text, photos, emoticons, videos, voice recordings, links, GPS location and more. The messenger users can post status updates to share their sentiments and experiences with the WhatsApp contacts.

It is very simple to create an account on WhatsApp because the application does not want anything except a valid mobile phone number. The user has to provide an authentic mobile phone number to verify the WhatsApp account. All other details required by the messenger are optional. After successful installation and verification, the app syncs your contact list and lets you communicate with them via instant messenger.    

Why to Spy on WhatsApp Messenger

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Parents are needed to monitor the usage of WhatsApp messenger to protect their children from bullying, online child predation, and sexting. The bullies send threatening or humiliating messages to the victim using the instant messenger. The online child molesters share objectionable media with the targets to lure them. The video calling feature is misused by predators to trap the victim. The use of instant messenger should be monitored to ensure the online security of children.

OgyMogy WhatsApp Spy Software

OgyMogy is a high-tech cell phone tracking app that enables users to remotely monitor and manage the usage of the instant messenger app. Once you install the software on the Android mobile phone of your kid, you can keep track of their activities performed on the messenger.

Spy on WhatsApp Text Messages

With the use of OgyMogy WhatsApp spy app, you can track text messages sent and received by your target. The spy app creates an online backup of these messages by uploading them to the online portal of OgyMogy. You can read all the messages by signing into the online portal.

Best WhatsApp Chat Spy Software

Spy on WhatsApp Voice Messages

The WhatsApp tracking app also lets you monitor voice messages of your target exchanged via monitored android phone. You can listen to these messages and get contact numbers of message senders and receivers.

Spy on WhatsApp Group Chats

The spy software for WhatsApp lets you track one-on-one and group chats. It also lets you access the contact detail of communicating parties and individuals.  

Spy on WhatsApp Voice & Video Calls

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The WhatsApp spy software enables parents to track voice and video calls of their children. The app syncs call logs to let you know from whom WhatsApp call is received or to whom a call is made.

Spy on WhatsApp Media

The photos, videos and voice recordings exchanged via WhatsApp messenger get uploaded to the online portal of the WhatsApp spy software. The end-user can retrieve WhatsApp media from the online control panel anytime.

Record WhatsApp Activities

The WhatsApp spy app also lets you record mobile phone screen of your target to capture activities performed on the instant messenger. You can capture status updates, friend lists, and all online activities in the form of a short video.

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