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What are the best ways to clean swimming pool tiles?

Not only is swimming a very good exercise, but it is also the most soothing and relaxing experience for many of us these days. Today, many people have a swimming pool in their houses. And, it becomes very important to keep the swimming pool clean so that you can reap the maximum benefit out of it. When children and pets are in the house, the chances of the swimming pool water dirtying up increases dramatically. It is crucial to keep the water clean and the environment hygienic so that everyone in your family or friend circle can use the pool and have a satisfying experience.

The tiles on the swimming pool are most affected area which gets dingy easily. After some years of use, the swimming pool tiles may start developing scum which is made of algae and calcium deposits. It appears as a dark green ring on the surface of the tiles of the swimming pool. This not only makes the ground surface slippery but also pose a risk to the safety of the swimmers inside the pool. Plus, it provides an unhygienic look overall. At aquatic solutions, the specialists ensure the proper maintenance and cleaning of your swimming pool. Reach out to them so that you can find more information on aquatic solutions swimming pools here. While an expert level assistance may be needed from time to time, you can also carry out some DIY cleaning approaches. Interested to know how you can keep the pool clean with some commonly available cleaning resources and tools? Then read on and check out the list below.

Fortunately, there a number of ways of cleaning the swimming pool tiles. Some of them are:

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• Make the Tile Surface Accessible for Cleaning: To clean the swimming pool tiles properly, they must get exposed. For this, the water from the swimming pool needs to be drained down. Only when the surface level is accessible will you be able to scrub the tile to remove the calcium deposits occurring on the edges and the corners. Otherwise the entire cleaning exercise will prove to be unfruitful. Also, if the water is still present in the pool when you are cleaning it, the dirt and accumulated deposits that come off after scrubbing will float around in the water or mix with it, thus dirtying it. Hence, it is a good idea to pump out the water before cleaning the tiles. It is not a big task of cleaning out the massive volume of water from the swimming pool if you have the right tools with you. You might consider using a pool pump filter to drain the water level of the pool down enough for the tiles to be exposed. This way the process of cleaning becomes convenient.

• Use Chemicals for Removing Difficult Stains: After years of use, a layer of calcium might get deposited on the tile surface. This layer gets hardened over time and it becomes difficult to remove it. A small amount of pool acid might help remove these deposits and other rigid stains. A little amount of baking soda and white vinegar can also be used for cleaning your swimming pool tiles. Just make sure not to use an excess amount of these chemicals as it may affect the chemistry of the pool adversely. If you are planning to use harsh chemicals then make sure that it is recommended for usage in pools for removing the lime scale and calcium deposits in the tiles.

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• Use a Pumice Stone or Scrubbing Brush: It is not enough to use a simple scrubber for the scrubbing task. A kitchen scrubber will prove to be ineffective for cleaning the pool tiles. You have to go for better solutions so that the cleaning can happen faster and yield more efficient results. You can use a pumice stone or a scrubbing brush to get rid of the dirt accumulated in the swimming pool tiles. You may also use your tooth brush to clean it. The calcium deposits on the surface of swimming pool tiles become hard over the years. The best way to remove these deposits is with a pumice stone.

• Use Commercial Tile-Cleaner Solutions: Some tile-cleaners contain strong hydrochloric acid, phosphoric and/or hydrofluoric acid which is very potent. These cleaners can clean the tiles easily but should be used cautiously. While you are using these commercial cleaners, always follow the instructions given on their outer cover.
You might also consult with a pool supply store for proper maintenance of your swimming pool. The pool supply store might help you in analyzing the pool and then determining the reason why the swimming pool tile is getting deposits and contaminants.

Proper day-to-day maintenance at a personal level along with the different ways discussed above might help clean the tiles of your swimming pool. For crystal clear tiles and properly maintained swimming pool, contact aquatic solutions. You can find more information on aquatic solutions swimming pools here.

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