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Best Virtual Phone Number Service

The virtual phone numbers connect with customers anywhere worldwide with toll fee or local virtual phone numbers. It is a hosted telephone number which handles call online instead of traditional phone lines. The Virtual Phone Number reduces both local as well as international call costs for customers and businesses.  The virtual numbers are also of many types as follows:

Types of Virtual Numbers

Virtual Local Numbers: A local virtual phone number helps in establishing a local presence in the cities worldwide without any physical need. A DID number is a Local VoIP number which allows the users to forward the calls to any location anywhere in the world. It does not matter where calls were forwarded, only local call rates are to be paid by the callers. The International DID numbers are just same as local phone number which gives the business a local presence anywhere.

Amazing Features of Virtual Local Numbers

It includes call recording, call conferencing, an auto attendant, no minimum contract or no set up fees is required. All these features and also some extra features are available without any extra cost. The benefits of purchasing DID number with established VoIP infrastructure includes 24/7 technical support, amazing call quality, no set up fees, flexible call forwarding rules, listen to call recordings, conference calling, hosted call recording, virtual attendant, call screening, voicemail to email etc.

Virtual Toll-free Numbers: The international toll-free Virtual Phone Number allows the callers around the world freely for business. It makes easy to establish the business presence and connect with customers and prospects in the world by the help of International toll-free service.

Amazing Features of Virtual Toll-free Numbers

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The excellent features include global call conferencing, testing of toll-free number service for 30 days risk-free. These international toll-free services for business is highly reliable, reduced cost, free 15 days call recordings and 24/7 technical support is available. The callers enjoy amazing call quality at a much-reduced cost, can purchase unlimited virtual numbers online, callers can get custom pricing. After a purchase of toll-free numbers online, the specialist contacts and ensures the working of service according to preferences.

Global Hosted Phone Number: The Global/ Universal International Freephone number is a universal toll-free number. This facility allows prospects and customers to call without any charge. The callers are very much attracted by its amazing features and the excellent services.

Amazing Features of Global Hosted Phone Number

The amazing features of Global Hosted Phone Number includes complete cloud-based phone system, call screening, VoIP Call Conferencing, Call Handling, mobile user interface, time-based routing. The services also includes customize flexible call forwarding. It is very simple and affordable to set up UIFN services. It provides great customer services giving the callers confidence to know about the important clients having best experience globally. Thus these virtual phone numbers facilities attract lots of callers as they can avail these facilities with unlimited features without any extra cost. Customers are extremely highly delighted by its use.

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