What is the Best Sailing Season In Countries?

What is the Best Sailing Season In Countries?

With water taking up 71% of the planet’s surface, the world truly is your oyster when it comes to sailing. You can pretty much go sailing wherever you please there being so many excellent places for a voyage; however, timing is of the essence as it can mean the difference between a disastrous holiday and a memorable one. To ensure the latter is the case, we bring you the best sailing seasons from regions around the globe.

1) East Coast USA
August, November, and the months in-between are not a good time to go cruising along the eastern US coast, as virulent hurricanes plague this time of year. April and May are especially good sailing months for routes leading up to the Bermuda, Azores, and Europe. The southwest winds ensure those out at sea have no problem navigating about the region during these months.

2) West Coast USA
Sail around the West Coast outside of the months between June and December, as hurricanes, albeit more forgiving ones than those in the Atlantic, rock this side of the coastline during these months. The Californian coast can be a challenging place for newbies in the summer courtesy of strong breezes resulting from the intense heating. Sailors may also need to worry about the Pacific swell during this time of year.

3) Mediterranean
There’s hardly a bad time to visit the Mediterranean, especially if you’re thinking about Croatia sailing, which is often the go-to country in the region thanks to excellent winds and all-year-round weather. Typically subtle with rarely anything to worry about, the Med can pack a punch sometimes, and its best season has to be from April to October, a time when the sea breezes are comfortably strong and reliable. Greece is also an obvious location for this due to the country’s numerous islands and beautiful scenery all around the country.

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4) Caribbean
The Caribbean islands are particularly notorious for their violent hurricanes, which tend to rattle in between August and December. Other than that, sailing the Caribbean is a joy, especially during the last month of the year when storm risk is low and the trade winds are friendly. You may still have to be alert about easterly waves and troughs, often resulting in the occasional night pour. But of course, sailing in the Caribbean is one of the most sought after things to do due to the Caribbean being such an amazing, beautiful, magical location so going there for sailing should be a priority if this is something you are interested in.

5) Australia
The land down under is perfect for a trip outside of November and April as the time in between is generally considered cyclone season. Places in the northwest seem to most affected. Neighboring New Zealand, on the other hand, is desirable through November and April, a time when it sees its best weather.

6) South Indian Ocean
A little bit of January and the weeks bridging November and May is the South Indian Ocean’s cyclone season, with northern Madagascar, usually most affected. Conversely, April to November is packed with sailors pulled by the southeasterly trade winds, which are at their best during this time.

7) North Indian Ocean

June and July are on high alert for the turbulent Southwest monsoon, while the summer heat means uncomfortable sea breezes. Outside of those two months, sailing is an excellent save for the squalls and gales that you have to watch out for at other times.

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There you have it, the best sailing seasons from select places around the world. Hopefully, now you won’t be going in blind when planning your winter or summer itinerary.

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