So you’re about to get married and a very special day is coming up in the life of the one love most. This is great news because this is an opportunity to get her a present she would love but the problem is you don’t know which one.

But if you’re in the market for a piece of diamond jewellery you can expect to find many shapes, styles, colours and sizes in the stones.  Not just that but today you have the choice of pretty much any item of jewellery with diamonds in it – rings, bracelets/bangles, necklaces, rings, charms and brooches.  So how do you find that ‘perfect thing’? It will all come down to exactly what the occasion is that you’re trying to buy for, here we look at some scenarios: 


There are many Types of diamond engagement rings available and a few common terms you may encounter are:

– Round Brilliant: has many facets to give it exceptional sparkle

– Princess Cut: a square or slightly rectangular cut 

– Emerald Cut: a Collection of flat rectangular facets.

You also are not limited to getting traditional colourless diamonds either as they are available in pink, blue and yellow too.  Selecting the ideal item will mostly be based on the style.  If your partner has a more traditional style then a five stone princess cut ring may be the best alternative instead of a solitaire.  Have a look at the other items of jewellery that your spouse wears to provide you with an idea.


A necklace is an excellent birthday jewellery option. With so many pretty pendants and fashions on offer you will be spoilt for choice, therefore restrict your options by deciding how big of a statement you want the jewellery to make.  Again look at what the friend or partners (that you are buying for) other jewellery items are similar to give you a sense.  Today the necklace pendants available may vary from little singular diamonds through to drops and bows covered in diamonds.  

 In selecting the ideal eternity ring for the loved one you will need to take into account the shape, style and size of the different rings that they wear.  Often the stone settings in engagement rings don’t sit quite large enough to allow for a horizontal band style ring to sit alongside it, for instance.  Another factor when choosing diamond jewellery is the metal.  A popular choice is golden or white gold, the latter requiring more maintenance to be taken of it to ensure that it retains its crisp colour.  There are also increased gold, palladium and gold.  Each provides a varied colour in the metal together with various degrees of hardness, and of course costs.

If you aren’t really sure what item you want to purchase take a look at some of your options online and once you are happy with your decision pop into a shop to find the thing to your own eyes. 

try these out:

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