Which Erectile Dysfunction Drug is The Best?
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Which Erectile Dysfunction Drug is The Best?

You must have heard of several erectile dysfunction drugs and been confused which one is the best? No worries, this post is to help you out with that. Erectile dysfunction can be treated with approved erectile dysfunction drugs easily. Besides this, there are some lifestyle changes as well that can help boost the drug effect. Well, let’s put our focus on which erectile dysfunction drug is the best.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Before we have an insight into the best ED drug, let’s know what erectile dysfunction is and how it affects one’s sexual health. Indeed, how erectile dysfunction drugs work to make someone achieve an erection and keep it during sexual intercourse as well.

Erectile dysfunction is a male sexual dysfunction that makes it hard for a man to achieve an erection and keep it during sexual intercourse. It happens because of improper blood flow to the penis which is because of some sort of physical or psychological issues or both. Besides this, sexual arousal is necessary to achieve an erection, without it, the erection is not supposed to happen.

Top Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

Before we actually get into which erectile dysfunction drug is the best, let’s know about top ED drugs preferred by doctors. All these drugs work to ultimately increase the blood flow to the penile tissues (corpus cavernosa) and get one erected. Let’s point some good ED drugs down

a). Viagra

It is the first FDA approved erectile dysfunction drug. Containing sildenafil citrate, Viagra works to increase blood flow by relaxing the blood vessels and ultimately leads to erection. Viagra is available in several dosages which can be picked after a proper consultation with your doctor. Besides, the recommended one is Viagra 200 mg tablets.

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b). Cialis

Another ED drug known for its long-lasting effect for up to 36 hours. Its main ingredient helps increase the blood flow by stimulating the blood vessels and drive a strong erection. Talking about its recommended dosage, Cialis 40 mg is undoubtedly the one you can go with. Comparing Cialis with other ED drugs, it is the most lasting one on the list. Well, it is also called the ‘weekend pill’ because of its action and lasting effect.

c). Levitra

Ah, here we go with the most effectual ED drug-containing vardenafil. However it has a similar working mechanism and effect, what makes it stand out is its effectiveness. One can get started with its recommended 10 mg Levitra tablets dosage. Be it any erectile dysfunction drug, Levitra comes up to be the strongest one.

d). Generic Drugs

There are generic ED drugs available as well. One who prefers generic drugs can go for Fildena, Cenforce, Tadacip and other generic erectile dysfunction drugs. Well, all the generic drugs have a similar action and effects like branded ED drugs have.

So, these were the top ED drugs doctors prefer the most. You can pick one for you as well as have a final discussion with your doctor. Indeed, trying out some lifestyle changes like exercising, healthy diet and meditation along with ED drugs will boost the treatment.

Which is The Best Erectile Dysfunction Drug?

As much as we can see, Cialis (Tadalafil) would be the right pick because of its long-lasting effect. And also, its availability in varied dosages allowing you to choose the ideal one. Well, just saying that Cialis is the best ED drug is not worth it, right? Let’s point down what makes it this good. It works the same way as other ED drugs do, its single dosage lasts up to 36 hours and it comes in varied dosages.

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Here we are done with the discussion on what erectile dysfunction drug is the best and how they actually work for ED treatment. Not only this, we also had an overview of what erectile dysfunction actually is and how it happens. I hope it helped!


John works as a medical expert at The Synergy Companies. He's working in the company for more than five years now and has immense experience in the sphere of medicine research. He has given several reports mentioning the efficacy of Cialis 5 mg for curing sexual dysfunction in men completely.

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