Hong Kong massage employs traditional medicines and oils
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Best Deep Muscles Massages in The World

No matter what you’ve tried, that nagging pain in your back just doesn’t know when to quit.
Deep muscle massages are an effective remedy for persistent body sores or pain, offering a
solution that tackles such complications by easing both mind and tissue. If you aren’t sure
which one is the best one for you, we’ve rounded up some of the most popular so that you
can make an informed judgment:

1) Swedish massage
Apart from the beautiful and colorful phenomenon that is the Northern Lights, or Aurora
Borealis, the Kingdom of Sweden, as it’s officially known, is also the cradle of another
wonder, this time one created by man. The Swedish massage has become a household
name across many nations in the world, offering deep tissue treatment involving kneading,
shaking, long and smooth strokes at the heart of 5 essential movements. It’s particularly
helpful with speeding up injury recovery.

2) Hot stone massage
This therapy is just as its sounds: you lie on your back or chest, and a lineup of rocks,
typically black ballast ones, are placed across the spine and other pressure points that often
cause stiffness, sourness, or pain. The heat from the stones is said to have penetrating
effects, reaching into the circulatory system. Its advantages include improved metabolism,
ease of tension, and extremely pleasant relaxation.

3) Deep Tissue Massage
For problems tucked away within the hidden layers of the muscles, your chiropractor might
recommend a deep tissue session, which is best suited for assisting people with mobility
issues as a result of lingering injuries or chronic conditions. This therapy generally involves a
lot more pressure than your average massage, but it’s still quite comfortable and painless. It
targets muscle knots explicitly to solve postural issues, repetitive strain, and tight muscles.

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4) Hong Kong massage
The Hong Kong massage employs traditional medicines and oils paired with kneading that
focuses on the feet, all the way to the back. If you are looking to realize a slimmer and sturdy
build with better metabolism, a HK massage is the way to go. Studies show it has immune
and neurological benefits, while local folktales reveal it helps patients achieve a delicate
balance of natural or spiritual energies for adept tension and stress relief. The next time you
find yourself in the skyscraper city, be sure to make time for one.

5) Shiatsu massage
The Japanese, on the other hand, have Shiatsu, a massage derived from Chinese medicine
that sometimes involves the use of elbows and hands! It might sound dramatic, but this
therapy is said to offer numerous benefits. Some of those include help with insomnia, the
effective eradication of neck and back pains, and inner peace or, if you like, stress relief.

6) Thai massage
Thailand is famous for its yoga culture, and its massage borrows a leaf from those
techniques to conjure an energizing therapy encompassing stretches and postures guided
by a therapist. In addition to enhancing flexibility and movement, a Thai massage is an
effective solution to stress and muscle spasticity.

If that pain your back won’t go away even after therapy, it might be time to see a doctor. In
some cases, chronic pain can be a symptom of an underlying disease, and a medical
professional can sort both out. Nonetheless, don’t only get massages when in discomfort, as
many of them having healing properties beyond the physical aspect.

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