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Aside from joint pains and other types of pain, anyone can experience, back pain has become one of those big physical aches. Unfortunately, despite the inconvenience it causes, many still choose to neglect to take a matter on this, not until a worse situation like an accident happens. Worse, because of ignorance, people with back pains suffer from complications like medical problems especially those that affect the health of their spine.

With this alarming health matter, how do people should face having compacted spines and moreover, save themselves from more trouble by avoiding accidents and injuries? The main concern here is, is there really a better solution to spine decompression? Moreover, is there a way to improve certain problems on the back without undergoing surgery?

The truth is that not all back problems can be improved by using a decompression back belt. However, the good news is that most of the back issues can be lessened or fixed. And that, of course, still depends on what your back pain and issue is. With lots of decompression back belts in the market, this article can help you deal better with your back pains by considering Dr. Ho 2-in1 back decompression belt.

How Decompression Back Belt can Help you Deal your Back Pains?

A person’s back pain is the result of either an improper posture, inappropriate lifting method, aging, bad heredity or even an injury that causes trauma. This health problem sometimes cannot be solved or alleviate through surgery, which, unfortunately, can bring helplessness feeling for the patient. That is where decompression belt steps in.

decompression belt is made to provide the body mitigation to the additional tension to the spine. This relieving device can help the disc of the spine to avoid too much compression, especially when lifting or moving heavy stuff. Along with appropriate posture and essential exercises, your back can surely be saved from worse damage with Dr. Ho’s 2-in-1 decompression belt.

Dr. Ho’s 2-in-1 decompression belt is a professional back decompression belt that is very accessible to use and effective in improving its patient’s back problems. This belt aids in clasping the person’s midsection together to provide better support and steadiness of the spine and  muscles. With the support it can give, it helps the patient to establish his posture better, especially while standing, because it prevents the back from being drooped. Aside from posture support, it also helps the person to lessen the backpains.

Its functions and benefits

1. Expands the lower back joint and the discs of the spine

While it expands, Dr. Ho’s 2-in-1 decompression belt helps in stretching the back’s lower part. The traction process helps to decompress the spinal discs, and this process helps in relieving strained nerves, and also in deteriorating and protruding spinal discs.

2. Elevates and maintain the weight of the upper body

Aside from being a regular decompression belt, it also helps to lift the upper body which relaxes the lower portion of the body since it has been unloaded from the additional weight brought about by the upper portion. This belt has an inflated feature which increases its height of up to 4 inches. When it happens, it supports the hip and the lower portion of the rib cage. This also helps to lessen the pressure, which also lessens the pain.

3. Alleviates the lower back and enhances the body posture

Having an unstable back area can also be affected whenever the person bends forward, causing worse back pain and muscle spasms. With Dr. Ho’s 2-in-1 decompression belt, the lower back has guaranteed support and stabilization, making the user the ability to stand taller and straighter. Also, this device helps lessen the back pains and strains as well.

4. Gives strength to the back and core

Opposing the belief that decompression belts can deteriorate the back, Dr. Ho’s 2-in-1 decompression belt can in fact provide more strength since it provides not only support but also reinforcement especially during the times that the user needs to become more active.

5. Provides strength and relief to the constricted muscles in the lower back

Incidences like having injuries or not aligned back muscles always have the tendency to become contracted since it gives support and protection to that part from pain. In time, this contraction can lead to tensions in the muscles, causing more stress to the spine and also worsens the pains in the lower back. The inflated decompression belt has the ability to push down the hip and push up on the lower rib which stretches the muscles in the lower back. This stretching ability helps the extended muscles to lessen the stress on its adjacent joints. With this, the decompression belt promises that this can provide intensified capacity in moving and improving the flexibility as well.

6. Gives relieve in the pains and toughness of the lower back

Dr ho 2 in 1 back decompression belt provides relief in the lower back as well. It is achieved through decompression therapy, getting rid of the pressure and the pains associated on it, improving the strength in the core area, and in expanding the muscles that are already tightened.

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