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Arizer Extreme Q Review: Extreme Vaping At Great Price

With so many options in desktop vaporizers in the market choosing the best one is tough, right? Well, let us help you with one great option Arizer Extreme Q. Although one may not like the device much in its first glance, but trust me there is a lot to like about the device.

Want to know more? Don’t worry, we will give you a full Arizer Extreme Q review. Let’s discuss in detail.

The device is for all those who are looking forward to enjoying vaping sessions at home. Yes, you obviously cannot put the Extreme Q in a pocket and roam around, but you can surely enjoy a nice evening with friends at your home. Your friends will surely be impressed by the quality of vapors served in different ways.

With such a nominal price of around $200, the device is giving tough competition to the other vaporizer brands. Once you start using the device, you will feel getting a big return on your investment, thanks to the excellent quality of vapors. The device is not a game-changing design but is definitely a versatile and strong-performance device, which comes at an appealing price.

Now, let’s get into the insights of the product, keep reading to know more.

Vapor Quality

Once you start using the device, you will surely be pleased with the great vapor quality. One great thing about the device is you can choose how to vaporize, using filling balloons or whip. Although, balloons are a better choice, as vapors can fully cool down before inhalation. But, no matter which way you vaporize, you will experience excellent vapor with great flavors and nice consistency.

Manufacturing Quality

When you look at the device, you can easily make out that the unit is manufactured very well. The casing of the Extreme Q is made of stainless steel, and the clear view of the temperature display will add to its look. You get a fast heating system with handy remote control. Looking at this excellent addition in Arizer makes it one step ahead of the competition.

Temperature Flexibility

When it comes to temperature settings, Arizer Extreme Q does a great job. The digital display of the device is accurate and allows you to set the temperature precisely. The best part about using the device is it performs well on both the high and low heat settings.


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As we know, the plus point of the device is its versatility, and the manufacturers have to make sure you get as much as you can in the box. So, what all you get? You will get an open-top potpourri dish, infusing the air with your favorite scents, and glass stir tools to mix the herbs properly. What more? You also get a power cord with an adapter, an extra set of screens, and remote control.

Such sort of accessory bundle you get only in high-end vaporizers, at a much higher price, right? But, it is overwhelming to get this much variety at a great price. Your room will surely be filled with a nice smell.


Yes, the device comes with a warranty too. Arizer does not cheap out when it comes to the warranty. It offers three years warranty for any defects. At a price of around $200, it’s a great deal.

Overall Experience

All in all, the Arizer Extreme vaporizer is no less than any other high-end product available at the market. Giving tough competition to the other vaporizers, it is worth all your bucks. But, if you don’t want to compromise with the quality, then you must purchase the vaporizer from a reputed site like – To The Cloud Vapor Store. Visit their official website, to know more details.

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