Are you searching an app that can fetch the videos for you?

For the users who love to get videos on their devices, feel it difficult to get them as the platforms where such videos are available do not allow the same. There are ample videos on various platforms, including some of the sites specifically created for watching videos only. These sites have videos under different categories, and one can easily find a video of his interest. There are recipes, technology, education, career, medical, sports, motivation and many other categories from which one can find the video of his use easily.  The viewers’ love to have them on the device so that they can get the same watched as and when they want.

How to get the video on the device?

For the video lovers, it is a tricky question as to how to get the concerned video on their device. This can be done perfectly with the help of an app that can pull the respective video from the concerned platform. Though the play store has ample of such apps available, their efficiency is a big issue as many of them are not able to pull the required video and show error after pasting the link. The vidmate 2018 is a famous app that can help the user, get the desired video in a few minutes, but this app is not available on the play store, and one has to get the same from the site 9apps which is an official site of the app.

Download the app:

There is a link provided on the site with the help of which the user can get the vidmate 2018 app downloaded on the device. This app is easy to get on the device and install. Usually, it gets installed automatically after downloading the same. The app is compact in size and hence does not occupy much space on the device also. It is completely safe for the use, and there is no threat to the device in any way. However, after the downloading, while installing the device may prompt for probable threat, but the user needs to ignore it. It also asks permission to access the contacts and other folders on the device which one needs to provide.

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How does it work?

The app is much effective when it comes to fetching the video. One needs to get the link of the concerned video and paste the same in the space provided. Once the link is pasted, the user needs to click the button download, and in a few seconds, it will pull the concerned video from the platform. One can also decide the quality of the video as there are various options available on the same. Hence those who love to have high-quality video can also get it with the best quality and enjoy.

Once the download of the video is completed, it gets stored on the device from where it can be shared to anyone using various apps or messengers. One can also upload it to his site for personal use.

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