All you need to know about Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing
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All you need to know about Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing

In today’s hardcore and competitive industry, it takes a lot to stay ahead of the curve. One of the primary aspects of a business that impacts its growth is marketing. To innovate and upgrade your marketing performances, you need a resourceful ERP system. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing is one of the most prospective ERP solutions in the market. Here we will discuss how it helps the client businesses.

How Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing transforms your Business?

1. Integration and Centralization of marketing information: business operations lead to the accumulation of large amounts of data. These data can make a mess if not handled wisely. With Microsoft Dynamics for marketing integration capabilities, your team members can access a single source of marketing data. With all the marketing data and details of marketing activities at an access, marketing teams work more productively and coherently.

2. Automation of Marketing Processes: with the functionalities and features that Microsoft Dynamics 365 for marketing implementation unlocks, you can automate your daily processes and free them off the need of direct employee participation. This is conducted by the virtue of the Customer Journeys feature in the application. They can map out customer journeys from different elements like customer segment, actions, triggers etc.

3. Focus on the right customer: you can find out from the Dynamics 365 for Marketing demo that it delivers customer segmentation for the marketing team of the user companies. This helps them to customize and personalize communication to suit the needs and requirements of the customers. The team can think over its target audience and create segments that are appealing to them, before launching a marketing campaign. Thus, by communicating with the customers at a new quality level, you can gain their trust and loyalty.

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4. Customizable as well as standard templates: with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for marketing implementation you get standard, predefined templates for different types of emails that include abandoned shopping cart reminder, holiday greeting, feedback requests etc. At the same time it enables the team to customize templates that are in line with the corporate style with the user company. These customized templates can be stored and reused.

5. New marketing channels: besides the popularized and commonly used advertisement methods such as emails and others, you can showcase your products and services through events. Available options include exhibitions, runway shows, lectures etc. You can find out form the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing demo that it is extremely convenient to arrange an event with this app. The team member can keep all the event-related information at one place which helps them to stay updated all the time.

6. Listening to the customers: it is quiet absurd for any company or organization to have a fair picture of customer satisfaction without gaining the feedback from the customers themselves. The simplest way of getting to know your customer is to ask them. With Dynamics 365 for marketing implementation you get to enjoy the benefits of the feature- voice of the customer- owing to which you can create surveys. These surveys reveal flaws and help in growth of the business.

7. Utilizing the digital platform as well as the manual field: you might choose not to operate digitally; even in that situation you are capable of utilizing the digital platform in terms of building a community with customers, partners and team members. As you can find out about from the Dynamics 365 for marketing demo, the application includes the full capabilities of portal. You can fill this portal with your choice of interesting and useful capabilities to attract your target audience.

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8. Streamlining of lead generation: generating leads is an inevitable aspect of marketing. This process is facilitates by the streamlining capacity of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for marketing and sales. The application also allows setting lead-scoring models which makes the process of generating leads easier and more effective.

9. Informed marketing decisions: Dynamics 365 for marketing comes with embedded analytics. It is the key to monitor and understand how marketing activities resonate with the audience in terms of what works best for them and what can be deducted from the marketing strategies.

Thus, it concludes the overview of the benefits you can get from Dynamics 365 for marketing. For more insight call an implementation partner for demo.


This article is about Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing. It highlights the benefits that the business solution brings to the user companies and how the business processes are facilitated by the functionalities of the application.

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