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Air Balancing Tips for Avoiding Hot and Cold Spots at Home

If a powerful, modern HVAC system is taking ages to cool evenly, the problem is likely being caused by improper air circulation. Expert HVAC contractors can enhance air balance within a home by making appropriate adjustments to the home’s HVAC system. Also, these contractors will be able to gauge both intake and output of the system based on the areas in the home that have to be cooled or warmed. Here are common methods used by experts for avoiding hot and cold spots in the home that are caused by an air conditioning system.

a. Use Room-Specific Load Calculation – The process of load calculation involves measuring air in every room by way of the AC vents. So if one room is getting less cool or warm air from the HVAC vent, and if the room is not comfortable, then scheduling a test for load calculation with a heating and air repair service should be done immediately.

b. Keep Filters Clean – Debris has a tendency to build up on filters quickly, and such can block airflow; therefore, dusting the unit regularly is recommended. And since dirty filters block free flow of air, they as well can cause the whole system to overheat and breakdown. Clean filters can enhance furnace efficiency and keep energy costs down so your utility bill isn’t something outrageous at the end of the month.

c. Keep Objects Away from the Thermostat and Vents – Electronic items like large television screens and computers, as well as smaller products like tablets and cellphones, generate a lot of heat and therefore should not be placed near the HVAC system’s thermostat. The thermostat can pick up heat from appliances, and such makes maintaining the right temperature difficult. Also, furniture or heavy items placed in front of the air conditioning vents block free flow of air and lead to both warm and cool spots in the house.

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d. Check Insulation and Repair Cracks – Cracks in a home’s insulation often contribute to hot and cold spots, so getting things checked before summer or winter is highly recommended. Gaps and cracks in doors, windows, and ceilings can become very problematic during winter, so get your home inspected by a professional if you experience any cold spots inside the house. The basement and attic are two areas in most homes that usually have insulation problems.

e. Divide Your Home into Zones – If you have a fairly large home, you shouldn’t waste energy trying to control overall temperature without the use of multiple thermostats. Let each room have a thermostat and dampers. If you want to avoid random hot and cold spots in the home as well as maintenance issues, dividing your home into zones is a good idea.

f. Regular Duct Maintenance – Sometimes the ducts that are supposed to be maintaining comfortable temperatures and free movement of airflow in the house can cause both hot and cold spots. Professional air conditioning repair services know how to maintain ducts, and they can sort out faulty ducts by cleaning, insulating, and fixing them. To ensure that your home’s atmosphere is clean and abundant with free-flowing air, hire HVAC professionals.

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