Basic Tips To Become The Preferred Catering Business In The Food Industry
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Above All Advanced Marketing Strategies, Basic Tips To Become The Preferred Catering Business In The Food Industry

Basic Tips To Become The Preferred Catering Business In The Food IndustryThe food business is one of the strongest industries in the world. Despite economic challenges that both entrepreneurs and consumers face, the food industry continue to thrive and evolve by keeping product quality at standards coupled with the best marketing strategies, thus making it as one of the most innovative among others, leveraging on all available resources like human skills and new technology via social media networks like facebook, twitter and Instagram.

Above all marketing ideas that a food business can employ are basic and simple tips that will make your catering business more than just something to fill an empty stomach, but a brand that rings product quality and lifestyle.

Good Food

Flavour, texture, appearance and federal grade standards are the basic characteristics of good food.

  • First, make sure that all ingredients in your menu are fresh; never serve pre-cooked food if you want to keep your customers free from digestive problems.
  • Keep some cooking hacks handy like not missing to enhance the flavour of your dish by using a little amount of meat fat to saute garlic and onion.
  • Activate flavor and aroma compounds with alcohol: a bit of vodka to tomato sauce dishes, brandy to soups and rum on desserts.
  • Achieve perfect food presentation by not overloading the plate with sauce, alternating forms and volumes, play contrasts and colors, and observe a half inch space in between food.

Proper Hygiene

Everything and everywhere is kept clean is an important factor to entice customers to hire your catering business and keep the business in good credits.

  • If you’re working with an event rental company, ensure all kitchen equipment, cookwares and dining wares are sanitized to prevent food poisoning which may be caused by unclean utensils.
  • Service staff must wear proper and neat work attire with face masks, gloves, hairnets and aprons, depending on the work assigned to them; nails should be short and clean too, and do proper handwashing all the time.
  • Advice sick employees to take a leave to avoid getting embarrassed by a coughing or sneezing waiter in the midst of dining guests
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Best Customer Service

This may not give the diners a delectable taste in their mouth, but will sustain their appetite to hire your catering service because of the best customer service you provide.

  • Train your staff to say it aloud and with a smile when they greet customers to make them feel warmth and at home at the event’s venue.
  • To use courtesy words when speaking with customers like ‘Thank you’, ‘Good morning’, ‘You’re welcome’ are just a few.
  • Add to that, is to offer an extra mile of service by letting customers know that you and your staff are always ready to assist them as this will make them feel important.

A catering business that customers would prefer to employ doesn’t just serve good food but one that is consistently hygienic and have darling customer service.

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