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5 Reasons Why Hong Kong is A Must Visit City in 2019

If you are planning to visit the eastern part of the world, then Hong Kong could be the ideal destination for you. Hong Kong is the cultural hub of South Asia and forms the perfect blend of tradition and modern culture. The city of Hong Kong never sleeps and has plenty of attractions and adventure sports to explore. Right from tall skyscrapers to hiking trails to massive shopping centers the city has it all.

5 Reasons to Visit Hong Kong in 2019

  1. Full of Tall Skyscrapers

When you visit Hong Kong for the first time, you are bound to forget the skylines of New York. It has plenty of beautifully designed skyscrapers whether it is day or night. It is hard to describe the feeling you will get while looking at all these 40-story buildings, but you are bound to get mesmerized by their stunning architectural beauty. World-Famous Hong Kong Tower will give a bird’s eye view of the entire Hong Kong city and its skylines.

  1. Affordable Parlours, Salons, and Spas

Hong Kong boasts of several massage parlors, spas and salons at an affordable rate and if you are planning to provide some relaxation to your body, then Hong Kong massage parlors are the ideal place for you. Most of these massage parlors and spas have stunning interior design and plays popular music while providing body and foot massage. Some of the popular massage parlors and spas in the city are Tai Pan Reflexology Parlour, Ha-Lite, Pure Massage, Zen Joy, Love Spa, etc.

  1. Blistering Nightlife

Hong Kong has an amazing nightlife and people here knows how to party after a busy working day. The city is full of nightclubs and you will have a great time in hopping these nightclubs throughout the city. Some of the city’s most happening nightclubs are located in Wan Chai, Lan Kwai Fong, and Tsim Sha Tsui. These clubs have some of the world’s most famous DJs playing popular songs and the parties usually go on till the whole night.

  1. Amazing Amusement Parks and Hiking Trails

Hong Kong is home of the famous Disneyland Park as well as the Ocean Park. If you have a child with you then he will have a memorable time at Disneyland playing around with his favorite Disney characters. At Ocean Park, you will get to learn about marine life and various sea animals. You will see the adorable panda known as Jia-Jia as well as Red Panda which is very rare.

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Hong Kong is not only about tall skyscrapers but also plenty of beautiful mountains, sterile beaches, and endearing forests. All these stunning natural spots have well-established and organized hiking trails of various levels and difficulties. It is a great exercise routine while enjoying the enchanting beauty of this wonderful city.

  1. Perfect Destination for Shopaholics

We all know that Hong Kong boasts plenty of shopping centers and has something for everyone’s shopping needs. Right from luxury shopping malls with some of the world’s top brands to regional Chinese markets where you can buy authentic traditional Chinese souvenirs Hong Kong has everything. It is also a good place to buy electronics and if you are planning to visit the city around Chinese New Year, then you will be able to get some amazing deals and discounts on your every purchase.

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