4 reasons why you should buy sublimated soccer jersey
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4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Sublimated Soccer Jersey

4 reasons why you should buy sublimated soccer jersey

There is one thing the whole world knows, Argentina soccer fans are the best. They have a unique passion for the game and their national team. Yes, you are right; the word ‘fan’ sounds a little inappropriate. Let’s correct it. They are superfans. They and fans from other parts of the world have some very unique and creative ways to express love and passion for the game. However, no way of expression is going to outdate soccer jerseys. You have no right to call yourself a true fan if you don’t have an Argentina soccer jersey. There is a difference between being a part of the crowd and being a part of a fanbase.

Get an Argentina soccer jersey. Show that you are there to support your team. However, you are supporting the world’s best soccer squad, make sure that you are buying the best quality Argentina soccer jersey. So, in this article, let’s learn something about the best method used for printing jerseys. In other words, you will learn why you should buy sublimated soccer jerseys.

‘Sublimation’ is the most popular and efficient printing method. In this printing method, sublimated dyes are used on to a base object or cloth which is usually polyester. This is done using an inkjet printer specially designed for this method. Pressure and heat are applied on the sublimated dye and the dye is changed into gaseous form. In its gaseous form, it is then absorbed into the fabric. When you look at the result, it is incredibly real. It does not look like printed on the fabric. It becomes a part of the fabric. Enough of the technical stuff. The question was, why buy sublimated Argentina soccer jersey? Here is the answer broken down into four parts:

A sublimated jersey is easy on the pocket

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Other methods used for the same purpose are complicated and expensive. Take screen printing as an example. First of all, you have to set up separate screens and films. Anyway, screen printing is not as efficient as the inventive modern-day techniques. There are no such prerequisites required in sublimation. All you need is the base, dye and the printer. This is the reason why these jerseys are very affordable.

It is resilient in nature

As the sublimated dye is absorbed by the base, the print is not going to fade away. It will be a long-lasting print. This printing method is the most suitable for sports-wear. Uniforms used by players undergo extensive washing. You can pass your Argentina soccer uniform to the next generation of soccer fans in your family.

It is a time-saving printing method

In screen printing, screens are switched back and forth to print a design on the fabric. If the design is complex, then it will take more time to print design. Sublimation, on the other hand, is fast. Even complicated designs are printed easily and quickly.                 

It is weightless

There is hardly any supplementary weight of the prints. It simply becomes part of the fabric. The texture of the cloth remains unaffected even when the design is printed on it.

So, if you want to buy an Argentina soccer jersey, prefer buying one printed using this method.

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