3 Museums You Probably Not Heard Of But Deserve Your Visit

3 Museums You Probably Not Heard Of But Deserve Your Visit

Anyone who tells you that furniture pieces are not works of art definitely do not have taste for art. Ever since our ancestors crafted and created furniture items, the world has changed for the better – aesthetically and artistically that is.

Furniture is not only meant for home or office display and function but it can also serve as a look back on what artistic minds of past and present have made through the years. Furniture items show us that you can combine function and art. No wonder why some furniture pieces could cost you a fortune because they are a product of intricate and playful imagination and artistic approach of designers and creators. They are a work of art, needless to say.

In the rich history of furniture craftsmanship, there are certain pieces that jump off the page, and these pieces have become icons. Some of these iconic pieces are so rare that you could not see them in today’s houses or offices, thankfully there are museums that curate them. Now, if you’re an art and history buff, you would definitely enjoy visiting one of these museums because they exhibit some of the most magnificent and important furniture items in history.

Ready your comfortable women clothing, camera, and appetite for the arts, and visit these museums:

Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, USA) – The Met has a worldwide reputation of being one of the most important museums, having the most significant art collections in the world. Its permanent collection is composed of millions of artworks, including the important furniture art pieces. The Met curates various types of furniture art pieces from different times in history. Included in its collection are mechanical and French furniture from the 18th century, American furniture from 1600s to 1700s, wood furniture from different eras. In addition to furniture, the Met also curates other decorative arts like jewelries, glasses, ceramic items, tapestries, textiles, timepieces, and mathematical equipment.

Broehan Museum (Berlin, Germany) – This museum is quickly gaining popularity among art fans not only in Germany but other foreign countries as well because of its wide collection of art deco. The museum is likewise becoming one of the top tourist destinations in Berlin. Broehan Museum takes pride on being the state museum that curates art nouveau, and art deco and functionalism pieces from 1889 to 1939. Furniture art enthusiasts will enjoy visiting Broehan because it curates some of the most iconic art nouveau furniture items. In addition to its permanent collection of furniture pieces, the museum also holds special exhibits showcasing additional furniture, paintings, porcelains, glasses, and textiles.

Design Museum (London, England) – The Design Museum is easily one of the most important museums in the world when it comes to industrial, graphic, fashion, and architectural arts. In fact, the museum was named by The Times newspaper as the second in its list of top five museums for the year 2007. The Design Museum curates an extensive collection of furniture arts from different eras. Included in its collection are chairs from the late 1800s to 2000s. The Design Museum’s contribution does not end in its wide collection of artworks as it also awards the prestigious Designer of the Year award. Some of the designers awarded with said recognition include Jonathan Ive, Daniel Brown, Jamie Hewlett, and ZahaHadid.

If you are planning to travel the world and want to see some of the most important art pieces in history, you may want to visit these museums. Pack your go-to women clothing and ready your cameras and have a great time at any of these museums! You will surely enjoy the trip down art’s memory lane and witness the improvements in the world of furniture and industrial arts.

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