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Once you have made up your mind to take a plunge into stock trading, the first thing you have to do is to choose a broker. The choice of the best share broker in India has to be undertaken in an effortless manner that is skilful and trustworthy. In the domain of stock trading the competition is on the higher side and this seems to be a hyped area where beginners and financial experts with a small investment have a potential to generate quick cash. With a given range the costs needs to be covered as the number of brokers are large who at lesser costs provides numerous services.

To choose a stock broker there are many points that you need to be aware. The choice of a broker is influenced by the following factors

  • The choice of the right online broker really appears to be an important. You can consider it more in terms of an individual decision, where the exposure to market conditions and other factors assume a lot of importance.
  • When you are choosing a broker from various platforms you need to figure out the rates of commission they are going to charge.
  • The balance of the account is to be decided by the broker, sometimes they might ask you to maintain a minimum balance in the accounts of mutual funds, ETFs and trades and have a concise idea about the services provided by these brokers.
  • Please be aware that account fees are not something that you cannot avoid, as most of the brokers go on to charge fees for closing or transferring amounts from your account
  • The annual fees, transaction based fees or inactive fees are something that you are going to come out with most accounts. For analysis or research is going to be charged extra from your online share trading account.
  • The duration of trading along with frequency of trading undertaken by the investors is going to help you figure out the right type of broker to choose your investment needs.
  • The higher volume of trades and even trades of higher value attract the brokers who are well equipped with additional set of educational resources. This does help to execute and even implement trades in a proper manner.
  • As the number of trading platforms has gone on to increase, the brokers are going to attract the investors with a promotional offer. For example it for a set number of trades, a fixed rate of commission and in case of certain services cash deposits though once again this would depend upon the type of service that is availed from the broker.

To conclude the choice of a right stock broker is not an easy task and a lot of factors come into equation. The problem is compounded by the fact that there are a lot of financial instruments in the market and what you are looking for today might not be your need tomorrow. So the broker has to offer a lot of things on their plate.

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