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How to Choose Your Watch?

The men’s watch is an essential jewel. Sporty or classic watch, with a round dial or a square dial, small or big model, steel, leather or plastic: This one raises its personalized and fits perfectly with its style.

The men’s watch is, before being a useful object, become a fashion accessory to whole.

Makeover Tips gives you 10 tips to help you choose your watch:

1) Men’s watch: choice of the brand

Beautiful watches are often of great brand. There are many brands of men’s watches: Festina watches, Michael Kors watches, Tissot watch, etc. Choose a men’s watch based on the brand if you have an affinity with the brand. The more luxurious the brand, the more expensive the watch will be. The brand reflects the personality of the man who wears it.

2) Men’s watch: choice of movement

For movements, there are 2 types of watches: automatic / mechanical watches and quartz watches.

Automatic / mechanical watches: Without batteries, the mechanical watch is more ecological and more economical than other watches. The automatic watch works by itself, it recharges with the movements of the wrist, when your arm moves. It is a watch that must be worn often otherwise the watch will stop. There are also hand-wound watches that must be reassembled daily to function. For this, it will turn the crown to restore power to your watch.

Quartz watches: With batteries, the quartz watch is very accurate. This watch is very affordable with price ranges ranging from $10 to $500 for the high end (see € 3,000 for luxury quartz watches). The maintenance of the quartz watch is to change the battery of the watch.

3) Men’s watch: choice of the size of the dial

Rather large or small model, the watch should be chosen according to the size of your wrist: For men on average, the wrist measures between 15.5 and 18.5 centimeters. Below 15 centimeters, avoid wearing watches larger than 40 millimeters in diameter. Above 20 centimeters, choose a watch model between 42 and 45 millimeters in diameter if you want this kind of watch buy Ice Mania Diamond Watches from For the shape of the dial, round or square, choose the model that you like and that will suit you. The round shape remaining timeless.

4) Men’s watch: choice of the material of the bracelet

In leather, steel or plastic, watches come in several materials. Always try the watch before you buy it, it must be comfortable and should not bother you, be too heavy for example. Leather watches are more comfortable and lighter than steel watches. Metal watches (steel or gold) are heavy and sometimes oxidizable. Titanium watches are lighter and are not oxidizable. Plastic watches are very comfortable and hard a lot longer but can be “cheap”. The watches with a textile strap are fashionable; they allow to easily change the bracelet, very resistant, practical for a sporty use.

5) Men’s watch: choice of tightness

Waterproof watches do not fear water or moisture. So you can go diving or take a shower with a waterproof watch. The resistance of a watch is measured in atm. Here are the different degrees of tightness:

  • 3 atm: You can wash your hands with your watch. The watch may be accidentally
  • wetted, but must not be immersed or exposed to a pressurized jet.
  • 5 atm: You can take a shower with your watch and swim in the pool, but no deep dive.
  • 10 atm: Swimming, diving in the pool and snorkeling are possible.
  • 20 atm: Scuba diving is possible.

6) Men’s watch: choice according to the style

The watch is a fashion accessory and must be chosen according to its style: vintage watch, sports watch, smart watch, classic watch,… There is something for everyone! Gold watch for a bling-bling style, leather watch for a chic style, sports watch, connected watch for geeks, steel watch for a trendy style.

7) Choice of the color according to its complexion

I have fair skin: You can wear gold or silver metal watches. For plastic watches, avoid too light colors such as white or beige.

I have matte skin: Avoid wearing watches whose colors are a little dark or dull like brown, khaki or black. Prefer watches with bright colors or pastels but also gold or silver.

I have black skin: You can choose a silver watch, gold or a bling model. You can also wear all colored watches like fuchsia, yellow or blue.

Read also how to choose your watch woman according to its morphology.

8) Men’s watch: choice of the manufacturer’s country

French watch? Swiss watch or German watch? In France, we have prestigious watchmakers like Cartier, Hermès, Mont-Blanc or Pequinet. For luxurious watches prefer Swiss or German watches. Japan remains the country of choice for connected watches and cheap watches.

9) Choice of options

In addition to giving the time, the watch can have several functions. Depending on the use you want to have, they can be integrated with a chronometer in the dial, a GPS, a pedometer, applications to receive SMS, calls, emails or help you sleep better. 🙂

10) Price choice Choose a watch according to your budget. Less than $50 or more than $100? Between 150 and $500? Or more than $500 for the more upscale watches. There are some for all prices and therefore all budgets.

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