Udman Banquet

How to Rock Your Indian Wedding Music in Metro City

India as a country has a varied culture which has a rich heritage. The literary scene is equally varied. The wedding music is specific to the region. However, wedding music is vibrant, dynamic and colorful. Most Indians are lean towards Bollywood songs. These songs set the mood. The DJ gets choices from Bollywood popular songs, regional songs, and mix songs. The Punjabi, Tamil, and Marathi songs have also created a niche in the minds of the youngster. They shake and dance on the beats of these numbers.

Udman Banquet

Music is played at Sangeet, Mehndi, wedding, and reception. It is indeed true that melodious lively music sets the footsteps in unison, the rhythm makes you shake periodically; all this adds to happy moments. Pursuing the bride to be, enjoying mischievous mockery with the bride’s friends, or else dedicating the song to parents, is incomplete without music.  You have the choice to personalize the music number and pairs can dance on it or else the whole lot can take turns to dance.

Engagement is the premier occasion when both sides the bride and the bridegroom meet formally in the dresses that best suits them. DJ plays romantic songs to set the tempo. The preference can be leisure-based music or upbeat dance keeping the sentiments of all in mind. Sangeet ceremony is generally done by family women or professional ladies with Dholak. As of now the custom has been modernized and remodelled leading it towards groovy hits and systematic dance steps. Wedding choreographer helps in the choice of the song and the right steps that go with the occasion and the comfort of your dress. Songs can be shortlisted much in advance. Friends and relative of all age group are part of it. Through well-chosen songs, best of luck is wished to the couple.

As the bride goes around selecting the Mehndi designs, she keeps the music for this occasion in mind. Now a day’s games with background music and tunes set the event enjoyable for all. Wedding music DJ plays songs that describe the different emotions in a musical way. The music is played from the time the bride enters the venue and ends by Bidaai. It should be once in lifetime experience. The sanctity of the wedding is kept intact.

There are 221 Party venues in South Delhi. The capacity of these venues varies from 70-3000 guests.  To put it with more clarity there are 44 puny wedding places. The 74 places have generous space.  Massive venues of the farmhouses are all booked well in advance. The per guest cost is from Rs 200/- to Rs 3500/-. The decoration of these places is extremely attractive and best suited for the occasion.

Udman Banquet is opened by Ferns and Petals. It is situated at National Highway-8 The place is well equipped with AC in the hall, vast stretch of lawn and enough parking space. The place exists within greenery. A separate passage is specifically meant for bridegrooms’ entry.  The interiors are royal and contemporary. It looks very grand. The rooms are furnished with grandeur theme. The place is central and well connected with different modes of transport.

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