Hamilton the hotspot for all horse race loving tourists

What makes Hamilton the hotspot for all horse race loving tourists?

Hamilton the hotspot for all horse race loving tourists

Hamilton is the ‘City of Waterfalls,’ in the west of Ontario. The Niagara Cliff divides the entire town with a mountainous ridge and trail. Hundreds of conservation parks, nature walks, and hiking trails define this city. It is also the city of museums, galleries, and tracks that will give each traveler a brief view of the history of the town.

Here’s what you can do once you reach Hamilton –

  • The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum has 40 planes for public viewing. While some of them are undergoing restoration. These are the same airplanes fighters used in World War II. The collection also includes the Avro Lancaster. It is the perfect family site. While adults can take quizzes, tour on their own, the children can learn more about Canadian history and heritage.

  • Bayfront Park

Until you see the Bayfront Park, you will never believe how an industrial site can transform into a recreational area. If you want to escape from the madness of the cities into the lap of nature, you should definitely include Bayfront Park as your go-to destination. It is a beautiful spot for a family day out.  

  • African Lion Safari

The African Lion Safari right in the middle of Ontario is a family-owned park. It has over 1000 exotic bird species along with 100 animals. Your children will have a gala time watching the giraffes, lions, cheetahs, kangaroos, ostriches, and elephants. You can choose to walk through the park the entire day or ride the tour bus depending on your children’s energy. All in all, it is a perfect hangout spot for the entire family.

  • Flamboro Downs

If you are interested in a different kind of animal watching, stop by the Flamboro Downs. It is Canada’s fastest half-mile harness racing track. Ever since its establishment in 1975, the Flamboro Downs has hosted several famous horse races. Right now, the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation owns the tracks. It is the perfect spot for kindling excitement. If you are a horse race enthusiast, this racing track gives you a unique opportunity to participate.

  • The Royal Botanical Gardens

The Royal Botanical Gardens is one of the most extensive gardens in the world. It has a collection of rare orchids and flowering plants. This garden boasts over 40,000 distinct species. It has different exhibition gardens including Rock Garden, RBG Centre, Arboretum, Hendrie Park and Laking Garden. If you are going to visit Hamilton, Ontario in the spring or the fall, do not miss a trip of The Royal Botanical Gardens.

Hamilton might be a small port city, but it has several hidden gems for all travelers during all seasons. Visit “the mountain,” walk on the Bruce Trail and embark the HMCS Haida. Visit the hundreds of lakes, nature parks, gardens, museums, and race tracks. Make unforgettable memories of this holiday with your family and friends. The wide variety of activities and attractions make Hamilton the perfect destination for adults and children alike.

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