Using Instagram Stories to Grow Your Email Marketing List Made Simple

Using Instagram Stories to Grow Your Email Marketing List Made Simple

Using Instagram Stories to Grow Your Email Marketing List Made Simple

As a savvy web marketer, you already know how effective email marketing is even when social media is dominating communication. With email marketing giving much more bang for every dollar spent in online marketing, online business has taken to using the reach and volumes of popular social media networks like Instagram to grow their email marketing lists. The success of Instagram stories has made it even more appealing to email marketers. Learn how to take advantage of Instagram Stories to grow your email marketing list.

Post Testimonials to Publicize Free Content

If you have a useful free guide, cheat sheet or even an eBook on a subject that your target audience finds useful, you can ask one of your followers or customers to provide you a short video testimonial on its attractions. You can then suggest to your followers to request a copy of the same content by any of the available methods, a DM, a swipe up or just a click on the link in Stories to travel to a specially-designed landing page where they can opt-in to the email subscription and receive the free gift. If you lack a buzz around your brand, you can buy real Instagram likes with the help of one of the many social marketing agencies.

Post a Photo of the Free Gift

As most people are wary of marketing hype, they are more convinced of the utility of the free gift if you can post pictures of the freebie that they would get on signing up. You can post a picture of the cover of the eBook or even provide a snapshot of the contents page that will serve to convince them that the gift is indeed worth the email newsletter subscription.

Offer a Solution Not a Product or Service

Instead of trying to promote your product, it is often far more effective to discuss a problem that users may have and how you are addressing the problem in your Instagram Stories. The problem could be very mundane like losing weight or something more exotic like yoga to cure a chronic ailment. The lead magnet should invariably be presented as being a solution that the user is struggling to find.

Use Stories to Promote a Contest

People are naturally competitive and you can use this to your advantage by conducting a contest on Instagram. Don’t make the contest too tough as the objective is to promote participation. Requiring a contestant to just like a post or share it can be just the thing to encourage users, who, however, need to provide their email addresses to be able to participate.


The number of ways in which you can encourage users to do something to achieve something worthwhile is only limited by your imagination. If you are good at writing blog posts on tricky subjects, you can use them as baits for email subscription opt-ins. You can also get a lot of sign-ups by promoting a sale on Instagram Stories where users signing up with their email addresses receive a coupon code for availing handsome discounts.

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