4 Rules of Thumb to Follow While Redeeming Flight Miles to Get the Most Value

4 Rules of Thumb to Follow While Redeeming Flight Miles to Get the Most Value

4 Rules of Thumb to Follow While Redeeming Flight Miles to Get the Most Value

New to the airline miles and points game? Check out the four basic rules to keep in mind, while redeeming your frequent flier miles, so that you get the most value out of them.

Earning, tracking and redeeming airline frequent flier miles is a hobby – that is worth the time and resources, you spend on it. After all, nothing gives you more happiness, than seeing that the frequent flier miles you accumulated diligently – gets you free flight tickets and a whole array of other benefits and perks, not available to regular fliers.

If you are new to airline points and miles game, then you are likely to make some costly “beginner” errors while redeeming your accumulated miles. Worry not, here in this guide; you can find the four basic rules for redeeming frequent flier miles, that help you get the most value out of your accumulated points.

Rule #1: Make sure you Understand Airline Partnerships & Alliances

This is one of the biggest rules that all beginners should understand, to get the maximum value out their redemptions. Did you know that the airline miles you earn on a particular airline can be redeemed on partner airlines?

Most airlines partner with other airlines to provide their customers with enhanced connectivity, to destinations they don’t serve. You can redeem your accumulated air miles on any partner airlines as well as other codeshare flights.

As you can see, your frequent flier miles open up a whole world of travel, via airline partnerships and alliances. So, make sure to check out the partner airlines on your frequent flier programme, before redeeming your air miles.

Rule #2: Don’t Transfer Miles before Confirming Ticket Availability

This is another rookie mistake. Most airline reward programs let you transfer the reward points you earn on them to another frequent flier programme. Say, you have acquired air miles with airline X on your recent flight to the US. You can transfer these miles from the frequent flier programme of airline X to airline Y if both the airlines belong to an alliance or partnership.

This lets you convert air miles from different frequent flier programmes to a single frequent flier programme, thereby helping you earn miles quickly.

However, before you go ahead and transfer points, make sure that the award seat you want to book is available. This way, you don’t convert all your miles into a single frequent flier programme, only to find that there are no reward flights available.

Rule #3: Stay Organised

Airline miles and points is an intensive hobby that requires you to stay on top of all the changes and recent news. If you are looking to get the maximum value from your airline miles, then it’s necessary to keep things in order.

Make sure that you track your credit score, understand the terms and conditions of your credit card benefits, minimum spend threshold for acquiring bonus airline miles, annual fees, and the charges for transferring airline miles from one programme to another and so on.

While it may seem a lot to track at first, once you get the hang of it, it becomes easy, and the rewards are definitely worth the time you spend on it.

Rule #4: Don’t be scared of Annual Fees

One of the easiest ways to earn plenty of airline miles is to get a co-branded elite credit card. For every rupee you spend on the credit card, you earn flight miles on your preferred frequent flier programme. However, most people don’t opt for elite credit cards, because these cards usually come with high annual fees. What they fail to see is that, though the fees are high, the array of benefits and features offered by the card, outweigh the fees you pay for it.

So, if you are looking to maximise airline mile redemptions, then consider getting a co-branded elite airline credit card.

Don’t be Dissuaded

While these rules for airline mile redemptions may seem overwhelming and even daunting, don’t be dissuaded from your pursuit of airline miles. Once you understand the points and miles game, you can easily navigate it to get the most value out of your acquired miles and enjoy luxurious travels like never before.

So, go ahead and start collecting your preferred airline miles.

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