Have a Great Night in These Bars in CP

After having a long working day, you might always want to relax your body and have one or two glasses of wine but you don’t have to go broke to get your drinks but spend in your limits so that you have enough money for next time too. So now we are going to list down the best cheap bars in CP. In these bars, you will be able to drink and eat pretty cheaply and not go broke.

Let’s check the best cheap bars in CP and which you should visit so as to not go broke.

Top Cheap Bars in CP

  • My Bar Headquarters – My Bar is the best and the cheapest bar in Connaught Place and the pint of beer costs at Rs 49 and has a quite unique and large collection of food items such as open crust pizzas and chicken wings which are provided at a really less cost. It has a huge collection of drinks and will fit your pocket too. It is the best cheap bars in CP.
  • Bombay Bar – It is a retro type bar and is inspired by the theme of Bollywood. Having elegant sofas inspired by the film studio, photos of Bollywood stars on the walls with posters of various movies. This place is quite nice for girl’s night out and its specialty is Parsi Dal and Mexican Gol Gappa. It is the best cheap bars in CP.
  • Lady Baga – Lady Baga is one of the best cheap bars in CP and has quite authentic and impressive food with a wide menu range. It pays tribute to 1970’s Goan Hippy Shacks and the specialty which should be preferred is Baga Bong, Coconut Fried Okra, and Chorizo Sausages.

Fan of rum – Here we have the best brands for rum in India

Whether it is a party or any tradition, rum has always been the best and the most popular in the world. So whenever you go to buy rum, you always prefer getting some international brand for rum. But rum in India is also good and we are going to list down the best rum brands in India which you should definitely buy once and try them. Now we will list the best rum brands in India and are worth buying once.

Top Brands for rum in India

  1. Havana Club – Havana club is a quite good rum in India and is considered to be the best rum brands in India as it is quite light and is used in Pina Colada as well as it is also used as a base for Mojitos.
  2. Contessa – It is packed in notes of dry fruits, cocoa and is the best rum brands in India as it is much trusted by the armed forces since the past 12 years.
  3. Captain Morgan – A super friendly rum but most of the variants are very difficult to find. It comes in 2 variants and the dark one is used for ginger ale while the white one is used for Pina Colada.

So here we have discussed the best rum brands in India and you should definitely get one as they will lighten your mood and have a great taste.

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