How virtual phone number works using latest technology

How virtual phone number works using latest technology?

Find me or follow me is a technology that uses Virtual phone numbers. It is the ability to map a virtual number or route it to more than 1 pre-set phone numbers. Thus, the entire numbers ring at once when the call to a virtual phone number is made and the call can be answered from any of the ringing devices. Let us see how it works. The user is assigned a virtual phone number. When that number is dialed, the system will route it to a list or set of phone numbers specified by the user. Then the numbers in the set will be dialed by the system sequentially or simultaneously, or in an order specified by the user. If the call is made, but no answer is received then it will be routed to voice mail.

How Does It Work?

  • When someone makes a call to your virtual phone number, you can answer from home, or office, personal cell phone etc. You may also have auto attendant feature so that you can listen call after some time. Some find me or follow me options are programmable. Thus, when you are sleeping, you can turn off the connection with your home phone and allow only your office phone to be on for follow me. Also, when you are busy with some meetings, you can do the turning off for office phones. Therefore virtual phone numbers are also called the follow me numbers.
  • Generally for people doing a business, this tool or concept if you want to call it, comes in handy. There are several software available on the internet that help you set up this system with ease if you have a virtual phone number. All you need to do is enter all the numbers you want the call to the virtual number to be forwarded. When done adding the numbers enable or disable the same from the list.
  • When the execution of a follow me is done sequentially, it happens with a fixed time slot for each device. And also, only if on the previous no answer to the call was received. For example, for 30 seconds your personal phone will ring, if no answer then for the next 30 sec your office phone will ring. The time slot is very efficiently divided among the devices the phone number of which the user enters in the set. There are two options provided with this as well. Either there is automatic selection of time for ringing of each number or the user can manipulate it by setting the time himself/ herself.
  • Find me or follow me finds its applications in Unified messaging systems where the messages are routed within the VoIP, voice mails/emails, and text messages. Also, unified messaging with find or follow me is used for faxing applications. So find me or follow me using a virtual phone number is like tele talking.
  • Follow me or find me is way ahead of conventional or traditional call forwarding techniques. It provides a lot of options on from where to take our calls. There by making communication in our life easier.


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