Tips for a Successful Career Change

Tips for a Successful Career Change

The reasons why you may want to change your career path can be endless. Maybe you think you’re not fit to do your current job, or you believe that you have a greater calling in life and that a different job may bring out the best in you.

Whatever your reasons to change your career path may be, you should know that there is always a way you can make it happen.

Current Job Satisfaction

Before you can take the big step of changing career paths you should evaluate how satisfied you feel in your current job. A good way to keep track of your job satisfaction would be to record your daily reactions to the developments in your job situation. Which are the aspects about your job that you like and dislike? Where does the dissatisfaction stem from? Is it what the work requires you to do? Or is it the company culture?

Assessing your Skills, Values and Interests

Review the work you have done in the past and try to remember how good or bad each experience was. For this you can look into the past volunteer work, successful roles, jobs and projects. This evaluation can help you to identify your preferred skills and activities. The next step would be to determine how your current job fairs in those desired skills and values.

Alternative Careers

Once you have found out your core values and preferred skills, you can discuss them with your family, friends and relatives to get their opinion on the matter. If you find it difficult to identify your personal traits you can consult with a career counsellor who can help you to deduce your interests and likes.

Check out the Options

The career fields which are most relevant to your expectations should be pitched against each other to get you acquainted with the pros and cons of each field. A simple search on Google will give you whatever information you can possibly need for each career opportunity that intrigues you.

Get to REALLY understand the job in question

Once you have gathered sufficient information relating to your preferred job fields you can consider reaching out to those who are working in a similar job and whom you personally know. These interviews can give you great insights into the functioning of the job and help you make a well informed decision. A place where you can look for such contacts is your college alumni network. LinkedIn can also be a good platform to get in touch with professionals from diverse fields.

Job Shadow

If you personally know people who belong to the field which is the same as the one you wish you were working in, you can shadow these professionals and observe what they do first hand. You can spend a few hours or days job shadowing to get a closer perspective of what their job must be like. You can also apply for internships at firms that offer your desired career profile. It will eliminate the nasty surprises that often turn up in a new job and ensure that you are better prepared to tackle the change.

Take Classes

If you are certain that a job in a particular field will be better for you but find yourself lacking the skills required, you can enrol yourself for classes that will train you for the new job. Think of ways in which you can manage to study at a local college or enrolling for an online course without quitting your current job. It will make sure that you do not miss out on a regular income before it is substituted with another source of income.

Figuring out what you need

If you are the type of person who prefers security over unpredictability, you should look for ways to bring greater stability into your life, even if that entails sticking to your current job. Maybe what you really need then is to secure your future by taking out an insurance policy or deciding to write a Will today.

It may be crucial to pinpoint the exact reason why you are looking to change the direction of your career. Figuring out this bit will help you to streamline your search for new jobs. Does your desired career path have more money to offer? Does it have flexible working hours? Do you believe that it will bring greater creative satisfaction?

Taking the time to find answers to these questions will enable you to explore job options that are most relevant to your needs.

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