Top Low Fee Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Top Low Fee Balance Transfer Credit Cards

There are so many credit card providers these days. All of them are offering various cards that have different features you can take advantage of. For instance, you can use a card to earn reward points that will let you shop ‘til you drop, travel the globe, and (more importantly) save more money.

This information might not be new to you, especially if you have multiple credit cards yourself. But, perhaps, you are having issues managing them all. If you are, fear not because there are balance transfer credit cards like HSBC Red Mastercard that will allow you to move the balance of another card to it so you can easily pay them off.

Have we piqued your interest? Then, maybe you’d want to check out our list of top low fee balance transfer credit cards in the Philippines.

BPI Ayala Malls Amore Visa

The BPI Ayala Malls Amore Visa has a balance transfer of 0.59% for 18 months. Apart from using this card for balance transfers, this is perfect for those who like to frequent the Ayala Malls as you’ll get a 4% rebate when you shop in them!

This card also has features that include 1% discount at drug stores and a 4% discount when you dine in partner restaurants.

BPI Family Credit Card

The BPI Family Credit Card has a 0.59% balance transfer. This one is actually a pretty basic credit card so it would be a great choice for those who are credit card newbies.

Its monthly interest rate and cash advance interest rate are both at 2%. With this card, you can also get 30% of your credit limit as cash advance when the need arises.

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Metrobank Platinum Peso Mastercard

You’ll get a 0.68% balance transfer with the Metrobank Platinum Peso Mastercard. Not only is this card ideal for balance transfers, it is also perfect for anyone who loves to travel.

Exclusive deals are waiting for you if you decide to become a cardholder. You will get 24/7 Concierge Service privileges, redeem airmiles from Singapore Airlines and Philippine Airlines, and receive 24/7 worldwide assistance in case your card got lost or stolen during a trip.

Security Bank Diners Card Premiere

You can enjoy a balance transfer of 0.68% with the Security Bank Diners Card Premiere. Aside from this, you could also take advantage of its other features like dual currency billing, a high credit card limit, and earn reward points that will never expire!

Maybank Visa Classic

The Maybank Visa Classic has a balance transfer of 0.68%, a monthly interest rate of 3%, and a cash advance rate of 3%. This card is also good for travelers as you can use it to pay in local currency when shopping overseas. It also has an EMV-compliant chip that will ensure no fraudulent transactions will be done through your card.


These 5 are the top credit cards with low balance transfer fees. If looking for a balance transfer credit card, consider them as options. It also won’t be a bad idea to look for others such as the HSBC Gold Visa Cash Back Credit Card, the Maybank Mastercard Standard, and the Metrobank World Mastercard—which are all great choices as well!

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