Common Types of Tests to Check Software Build for Developers

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We have many kinds of software testing types. We have more than a hundred tests, each designed to serve a particular test case. The test deliverables and strategy will change according to the test you carry out. Most of the new programmers think that testing is not necessary. And it does seem superfluous on the outside. But, by doing the test, you reduce the risk.

Identify the type of error –

In the testing process, we do not identify every possible cause or instance of failure. To do so is impossible. The idea is identify the type of error so that suitable action might be taken. You could have a software build that showed a tendency to freeze every time the value crossed 100. This would cause annoyance because it would happen often. At the other end of the scale, we have software that caused error after every 100th transaction. You see this will not have a high frequency but it will also cause some worry to the user.

Types of testing possible –

The software testing services company goes through a series of levels of testing and different phases that helps to identify bugs. The most common tests are the following:

  1. Black box testing: This is common and describes a whole group of tests. Here we consider that the entire software is a black box. Here you do not pay any attention to how we derive the outputs. We are only worried about giving the inputs and getting the outputs. You do not know about code or how it works. This is preferred because it tells us whether the software works or not and it does not have any bias.
  2. White box testing: You may consider white box testing as the opposite of black box testing. You need to have some idea of what is going on when you use the software. Some people refer to unit testing as white box testing but this is not the case. To do the test you must understand some of the internals of the system and use this knowledge to inform testing and the target. It is easy to understand why this test is useful. If there were a scenario where a set of calculations produced a specific value when the value is below a level and another when the value rose, then you will not know anything about this through your black box testing. Here you can check the value for two sets of values and find out what is causing the discrepancy.
  3. User acceptance testing (UAT): This is commonly referred to as acceptance testing or system testing. Here you have to test different parts of the software. At times, tests may run against the system on the whole. At other times, the web testing software tests actual requirements as specified by the customer. You see, it could be testing the usability of the system or its functionality. At times, both are tested. So, in acceptance testing, we test what is expected to what we get.

The other tests are automated testing, functional testing, exploratory testing, and regression testing. In reality, there are many more tests but these are the basic tests you need for testing every kind of software.

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