Conditions Where Lung Cancer Spreads To The Brain
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Conditions Where Lung Cancer Spreads To The Brain

Metastasis is the condition when cancer occurs in one part of the body, and spreads to the rest of the same gradually. Lung cancer has metastasized to the brain means the primary stage of the lung cancer has crossed and the patient is in the second stage of the same. The secondary stage has its course of time in the brain. Unfortunately, about 20 to 40% of adults suffering from small cell lung cancer, are at risk of developing brain metastasis.

Adrenal glands, other parts of the respiratory system, brain and the nervous system, liver, bones are the frequency domains of metastasis for lung cancer. Two different types of lung cancer are there which can spread to the brain. The small cell lung cancer consists of the 10 to 15% of all kinds of lung cancer. And the non-small cell lung cancer consists of 82-85% of the remaining types. Cyberknife treatment cost in India for different types of cancer including lung cancer is quite less compared to cost in other countries. Lymph vessels and the blood vessels are the most common channels which channelize lung cancer to the different parts of the body. However blood vessels provide a tough channel for cancer to spread, but once it enters the former it spreads much quicker than the lymph vessels. Lymph vessels spread the disease when it is in the secondary stage of metastasis. But the metastasis which takes place via lymph vessels worsens in long run.

If the cancer is getting metastasized to the brain, symptoms like weakness, numbness, nausea accompanied by vomiting, difficulty in speaking, a considerable reduction in memory, reasoning and paying attention unsteadiness occurs. As there are swellings in the brain from the cells getting metastasized, headaches occur frequently. There might also be a tingling sensation in the body and seizures are common. Immediately reporting to the doctor is inevitable if more than 4 or all of the symptoms occur persistently. Whether the person is in the metastatic stage of brain cancer can be detected by various radiology tests like computed tomography scan of the brain, or magnetic resonance imaging. A biopsy report can also reveal if the patient is suffering from brain cancer.

The survival rate and the rate of getting cured completely depends upon a lot of factors like ethnicity, cultural factors, sex and age of the individual. But if the lung cancer has advanced to the stage of brain metastasis the survival rate is very low. And without any proper treatment on medication, the survival rate averages to less than 6 months. also if proper medications are provided the time is just slightly increased. Treatments depend upon various factors like:

  • The kind of cancer diagnosed in the first stage
  • The present age and health of the individual
  • The number of brain tumors existing in the individual, as well as their size and location
  • Also the genetic behavior of the metastatic cells, and other attempted treatments fall under the variety of available options.

The original type of cancer speaks a lot about the kind of treatment, that should be opted for.

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