Kinds of hijab and their importance to Islamic women

Kinds of hijab and their importance to Islamic women

Hijab is basically a veil that is worn by Muslim women and it is referred to by different names like a scarf or a veil. Hijab is an Arabic word meaning ‘cover’.It is Therefore used worldwide by women of Islamic origin and people often associate hijab with Muslim women. At times even men wear to show their modesty.

The very first type of hijab dress with by Islamic women in West is a square scarf that covers the head and neck but it leaves the face uncovered. There are different types of hijab used by Islamic women worldwide and which is why the online shopping of hijab has also gained a lot of importance among the Muslim women as it comes with a variety of designs to choose from. So shopping hijab online is in trend in today’s scenario.

Why do Muslim women wear hijab?

There are various theories behind why women of Islamic origin prefer to wear hijab but the prominent one which almost everyone has heard is that the Muslim wear hijabs to show modesty to their God and take it as an instruction from God. It is a way of their showing their devotion to their God and showing respect and modesty at the same time to their God.

There are women who also not prefer to wear hijabs because they believe that the basic purpose of wearing a hijab was to avoid any undue attention but these days the women wearing hijabs draw more attention which clearly nulls the motive behind wearing, therefore, those women prefer not wear hijab.

Most important types of hijab:-


It is the very first type of hijab dress and is most commonly worn by women in the West and is a square scarf covering the head but leaving the face uncovered. It is the most common type of hijab and is used by women worldwide.


The Shayla is a rectangular, long scarf that is wrapped around the head and tucked or pinned at the shoulders. It is different from the hijab as it is pinned on both the shoulders, unlike the hijab which is left free.


The chador is basically a long cloak that covers a woman’s entire body and it also drapes to a woman’s feet.


The Khimar is a long scarf like thing that is wrapped around the head and hangs to the middle of the back. The Khimar is different from Chador.


The niqab is basically a face covering that covers the mouth and nose but leaves the eye clear,it is mostly worn with an accompanying Khimar or others forms of scarfs very often.


The burqas cover the most the whole of the face and the body leaving a small screen to look through for eyes.

All the different kinds of hijab are worn by Islamic women worldwide to honor their God and to show their modesty to their Almighty. We often have heard Muslim women being discriminated at workplaces, social joints because of their hijab and their faith which is completely unacceptable.

We should work together to make this world a safe place for all women and treat them as equal irrespective of their attire or faith. They are one among us folks!

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