Three Psychological Theories For Improving Your Inbound Marketing Approach

It is the desire of every business person to understand the mindset of their potential clients. Do you want to know what your target audience thinks and feel? Then you need a bit of inbound marketing psychology intelligence to get exactly what motivates and excites your target audience. Form today henceforth, you no longer need to live in wishful thinking because we are revealing the psychological secrets to boost your b2b inbound marketing agency in Perth.

  • Commitment  and consistency theory

This principle suggests that if you give competent serves to someone today, however little it seems, that individual will trust you even with bigger projects in the future. Once you dedicate your competence to a client, the commitment becomes your self-image. If on the other side, you go against your word and give unreliable service for the first time, your client is less likely to come back for more. In other words, you will have tainted your image and inbound marketing services in Perth. What does this tell you? If you get clients to invest in your business, they will never stop investing it. The best way to start is to have your prospects make smaller commitments to get their feet in the door. Later, they can buy bigger deals. You can also ask for smaller details such as email addresses after sharing informatics content n social media. Then, your target audience might end up purchasing membership. Just make sure that you are offering value in every step of the process.

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  • Reciprocity theory

Also known as a give-to-get theory, Reciprocity proposes that if you offer something to someone, they will feel obliged to return back the favor. Following the social psychology principle, reciprocity is a key principle of influence. It is the bedrock on which inbound marketing is founded. If you can give good value to your prospects plus access to valuable advice and free content, they are more likely to do business with you as a payback. They can even recommend your business to their friends. To make this theory work in your favor, always create value-adding content to your marketing campaigns. When you offer knowledge, don’t hold back and soon enough you will be rewarded with loyal audience and clients. When we talk about value-adding content, we mean something that gives solutions to your audience and one that helps them to achieve their goals. For instance, you can start with How-to blog posts to inspire your audience.

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  • Grounded cognition theory

Did you know that most buyers make 90 percent of their decisions almost unconsciously? The grounded cognition theory propounds that influence is created by appealing to emotions and defeating rational constraints. A good marketer knows how to tap into their target audience’s emotions. In turn, the audience warms up to the brand and engages with the seller. This is the principle you should envision yourself in just like a storybook or a movie. It is something you should experience as if it is happening to you. The theory also indicates that people forget facts and figures easily. And the right way to make them remember is by incorporating those facts into stories.  Basically, you must make your audience feel like part of your brand if you want them to remember your messages. For instance, you can build empathy stories or videos to help the target audience keep up with your statistics. It is of utmost importance for you to place your audience at the core of your stories so they can relate to them and visualize themselves as the legends of the tales.

Take advantage of these psychology tips on psychology to fuel your inbound marketing campaigns in Perth.


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