Why should you use V-lock battery

Being a professional video shooter, I do need sustainable power backup for a long stretch.  Well, shooting a 4k video or a RAW video is an electricity intensive task. It does consume a lot of power and more often, I have to power not just the camera but other devices as well.  To mention a few these may include microphones, external monitors, recorders, and lights. All of these devices consume the substantial volume of power in the course of their operation.

V-Lock battery

During the early days of my career, it may sound funny that I used separate batteries for each device. As I gained experience and in the course of my interaction with other professionals I came to know about V-Lock battery solutions. One may be prompted to ask what are these exactly. Simply put forward they are big batteries that allow you to plug more than one device at a time. There are different varieties and the term V-lock actually refers to the mount that is used.  The choice of mount is a matter of personal preference and there is not much to differentiate between them.

Before embarking on the use of V-Lock batteries I preferred big sized Sony-style batteries. With these, I could power my Fs5 and FS7 for close to over three hours.  Moreover, it had one d-tap connector that allowed powering my Shogun Inferno from the same battery. You must be thinking that it is cool. Well, I too thought the way you are thinking now. Until I realized that, the Shogun is a bloody power glutton. When put in operation along with the camera and monitors the power bank was depleted within 45 minutes. Hence, I was compelled to search for other battery options.

This is where Rolux V mount battery proved advantageous. Being big in size, they could hold on enough power than the standard batteries.  Other noteworthy advantages are:

  • They weigh less than larger third-party batteries
  • Take less time to charge
  • Cos
  • t is a little less
  • Flight safe options for travel
  • Dual battery plate

In the meantime, I got myself a Sony V lock battery and started shooting with my Fs5 and Fs7.  What impressed me most was that the performance of the battery was same in both of these cameras. Both of these two batteries are great. They come with cool gel pads that are very comforting.  Although they tend to weigh about three times what my camera does. Thus, there cannot be any denial of the fact that the whole set up puts a lot burden on my feeble shoulders. The good news is while other variants can only offer a stiff metal it still has some cushion to go if you are using a shoulder rig set up.

Now the big deal is why do I use these batteries.  To be honest I do not always use this set up while shooting. No doubt it does strain your shoulders. However, I have found a less demanding way to make things work for me.  The scope of this writing is too brief for a detailed discussion on this. Maybe some other time. But if you ask me to my bet I will go for the one that allows me to run all my shooting gadgets for the entire day with just two batteries.  I think it is worth the deal. If I can have this set up on my tripod or find a stout assistant to carry it for me I will just use it every time I shoot. Does that sound realistic? Well have your guess, it is up to your discretion.


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