An overview about hip replacement surgery
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An overview about hip replacement surgery

Are you on the lookout for the best hip replacement hospital in India? It does work out to be a surgical procedure where your damaged hip is being replaced with an artificial one. India is the best place to perform this surgery as some of the best surgeons are found in this part of the world. In addition the process happens to be cost effective as well.

The various types of hip replacement surgeries

Total hip replacement

This is a common surgical procedure so as to alleviate the symptoms of pain. Arthritis or common problems of the hips are being dealt here. The immediate results of this procedure work out to be great. Just after 4 months and this is the normal scenario the patient is devoid of pain and is able to lead a normal life. The best part is that he can walk as if there is no limb in any way.

Partial replacement

During the course of the procedure the socket of the hips is being left intact. The top portion of the femur is replaced with an artificial component and this is on the similar lines as what is performed during a hip replacement procedure. This is a procedure that is normally suggested by the doctors where only a portion of the femur joint is destroyed or broken. Before doctors go on to adopt this strategy they may resort to other courses of action like braces or therapy etc.  If these procedures really fail to take off then partial replacement of the hips works out to be the only remedy.

Hip resurfacing

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This is termed as a procedure which is an alternative to a total hip replacement. It is a procedure to reline rather than replace the total hip joint. Since a bigger hip ball is created with the help of this procedure the chances of any form of dislocation works out to be a bare minimum. In fact this procedure is not recommended for someone who is morbidly obese and if you suffer from any type of infection as well.

Minimal evasive procedure

This happens to be the latest surgical procedure that was invented in the year 2001. What happens during the course of this procedure is that instead of making a large incision the surgeon goes on to make a couple of small ones.  With well-crafted smaller implant the surgeon goes on to replace the damaged bone. The best part about this procedure is that it only takes an hour and an half. Less amount of bleeding is caused and the patient can head to the hospital the very next day.

Revision hip replacement procedure

Here during this procedure the worn out hip is being replaced. It does point to the fact that all your previous hips replacement needs to be replaced. In fact this procedure could vary from minor to major. The main reason for revision happens to be pain and extra bone needs to be provided when it is the case of bone loss.

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