Liver- a vital organ of the body
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Liver- a vital organ of the body

Liver is one of the vital organs of the body. It is the heaviest and the largest internal organ which performs many of the basic life retaining functions in human such as removal of toxic products and digestion of food. Since liver is associated with many organ systems as the hormonal system, the digestive system the liver is a multi-functional organ.

Liver is an organ with many functions so there is a constant stress on it. It is also a self-generating organ and this is why even transplant of a small part leads to a whole grown liver.

There are two kinds of liver transplant surgeries performed by the doctors. In the transplant known as the orthotropic liver transplant the diseased liver is removed by surgical method and then the donor’s liver or deceased person is taken out and kept in the body of recipient, the blood vessels are joined to this new liver and this is all performed by a liver transplant surgeon. The recipient in this case is given drugs for the life. These drugs help to suppress the immune system so that there is no chance that the body cells identify this foreign liver and begin to attack this. If such things happen the liver will be rejected and then the operation would have been a failure. Some precautionary steps like matching of the DNA of the donor and the recipient is done. Some immune-suppressants are given. Although these immune suppressing medicines have side effects like frequent infections and infections which grow into something serious. Even the simple viruses attacking the body can cause enough harm to the recipient’s body. So all care is needed to maintain the health of the recipient after this kind of liver transplant. In the heterotrophic liver transplant, the liver of the sick person is not removed but the donor’s liver is implanted in the patient’s body. The heterotrophic kind of surgery requires removal of a small part of the liver of the recipient. In the orthotropic case, usually the liver of a dead person who is also a liver donor and has healthy liver is transplanted.

Liver Transplant in India

Liver Transplant in India is done is many prominent hospitals and nursing homes. The field of medicine and surgeries known as hepatobiliary is the system which deals with the liver transplant cases. But the pediatrician and anaesthologists need to be present as per the cases require. Other complications may arise due to a failing liver, so other doctors are always kept handy.

A liver transplant may lead to a curved scar in the abdomen, which may be healed by application of topical creams. You may consider going to a skin specialist regarding the scarring issues. A dermatologist is the doctor that handles and cures such problems. It can be suggested by your doctor as a part of the follow up treatment. Also taking care of your own health after the transplant operation is a good way to ensure that the operation is successful. The follow ups need to be attended religiously if you experience any kind of pain or unknown symptoms.

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