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How Do Credit Repair Companies Close Deals With Affiliate Referrals?

Credit repair businesses depend, to a significant degree, on affiliate partners. As a matter of fact, these affiliates are far much better than paying for commercial ads. Nevertheless, engaging an affiliate is not an easy task. It is advisable for a credit repair company to give incentives to its affiliates so that they can send as many referrals as possible. A credit repair affiliate program should, therefore, stress the benefits of providing more referrals.

Paying a credit repair affiliate

What an affiliate earns depends on the average revenue of a credit repair business.  Suppose 5 clients who needed their credit score to be fixed to provide a revenue of $1000; the credit repair company can give a 10% commission to the affiliate ($100) or more. Successful companies know the importance of being generous to their affiliates i.e. the more the affiliates get, the more paid clients they send. A good affiliate can be a great investment for a credit repair company and that’s how the business scales up rapidly.

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Closing the deal

When a company receives a referral from an affiliate partner, it acts as swift as possible before the client loses interest and moves on to another service. There is no turning back once the opportunity is lost. So, the first impression a client gets is of paramount importance. There is only one chance to seal the deal. A good company understands the following criteria:

  • Sincerity: customers want genuine services. They want professionals who understand their deepest needs and act on them ASAP. Therefore, a good credit repair company asks the right questions such as the financial objectives of their clients, their timeframes, and exactly what led to the problem.
  • Understanding the red flags: If a client is jobless, has zero income, their credit score is too low, and hasn’t made a down payment, a credit repair professional should give appropriate advice to such a client rather than mislead them. For instance, it would be best to tell the client that it’s not easy to solve all these issues and that they should seek help elsewhere e.g. from a bankruptcy officer.
  • If a customer fits is eligible for credit repair, their status is updated on the credit repair software of the company and the necessary process begins. when the deal is done, a smart credit repair professional always asks if the client knows someone else who might need similar services.

A credit repair affiliate is one of the best stakeholders that scale a credit repair company faster. Affiliate partners come from various organizations such as mortgage brokers, auto dealers, bankruptcy lawyers, debt settlement companies, realtors, tax preparers, loan officers, and so on.


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