Versatile: Free Theme Shopping Press for WordPress

Some theme designers are really hardworking people: they continue to change a theme development and continue to hope to reach the last niche with their theme. Nevertheless, it makes sense to introduce several similar themes, because there is something in it. Many have neither the time nor the desire to rework a template on their blog topic. And so these themes have their justification.

Today the free shopping theme Shopping Press has been released. The theme offers to change images and text cracks on the start page, which can be selected by the blog operator. Of course, the images must be high in quality to support the premium claim of the theme.

Shopping Press theme

High quality acts the new, free WordPress Theme Shopping Press (Click on the image to get to the programming page and download the theme for free)

The theme offers pre-set seats for four 125×125 banners and can also be used with widgets, allowing more room for advertising. I personally like that the Sitebar is on the left, it refreshes everything a bit. The programmers promise that the template is search engine optimized, you hear that more often lately – if there is something to it, the real operation must show.


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