Tip for Blogger: Exchange images from themes better

It’s so easy. You load yourself a free theme down, thus evaluating your own blog and uses the images that are included in the theme just continue because somehow belong to the layout. But it is not that easy – and you are in the highest danger. Because every picture someone has photographed – and the photographer has the copyright of the image and also has right to prosecute you for a copyright infringement, so you send a hefty bill for the unauthorized use of his image, if he does not have the permission for use.

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If the theme designer just “borrowed” a picture somewhere and used it for his theme, he was guilty of copyright infringement. And if you take the picture, then you also owe the copyright infringement. There is no argument like “I did not know that the Themes Editor did not have the rights” or “contact the Themes Editor”. No, you are responsible and you cannot delegate responsibility to someone else.

So even if it hurts, first remove the images from the template, otherwise you run the risk of getting used to it and sooner or later viewing the images as your property. The more violent will be your surprise then if someday a letter comes into the house, which requires € 2,500 per user fee from you. That’s exactly what happened to a friend of mine 2 years ago – twice in a week. And I was so sure that nobody else had a right to the pictures. The warnings and bills were fortunately in the sand because we were a very uncomfortable rights violators and wanted to know exactly when the photo agency bought the rights, etc. The pictures were already built six years on the site and he could not say with certainty, from where he had them.

Since then, he has become overcautious with pictures and we advise you to be so because then there are no expensive surprises.

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