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5 Expert Tips On CCTV Installation

 A professional CCTV installer is invaluable. They can help you save time and make sure that your security camera system is installed appropriately. A professional ensures that the right cameras are angled correctly and your walls remain protected during the entire process. Moreover, any repair that’s required will be covered.

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  • Decide which features are most important


Different home security companies provide different security feature. You need a company that supports the feature you need the most. Consider the following features:

  1. Cloud storage: security footage is locked in the cloud hence it is tamper proof and easily accessible.
  2. Two-way voice communication: you can hear whatever is going on in your home and talk to anyone who’s around through the microphone and speaker.
  3. Live remote monitoring: it’s an online feature whereby you can view your home through a web browser or mobile app.
  4. Multichannel recording: this is a system that monitors several rooms
  5. Tamper alerts: if someone interferes with the security system, you receive the alerts
  6. Activity alerts: these are real-time alerts which you get through push notifications, phone calls, texts, or emails in case of a suspicious activity.
  7. Panning and zooming: you can pan, zoom, and tilt the camera using a mobile app or web browser.
  8. Night vision: these are cameras with infrared technology and can record at night.


  • Install peephole camera


Did you know that 34% of intruders enter homes through the front door? You need one surveillance camera at the front door. To protect the camera from being tampered with by burglars, consider placing it at second floor or the somewhere on the rooftop. It should focus on the front door. If your home doesn’t have the upstairs, make sure that the front door camera is secured with mesh wire. The peephole camera will also help you to see whoever is knocking before you open the door.


  • Install a weather-proof and night vision camera at the back door


22% of burglars use the back and side entryways. You need to install a security camera system at these entry points and make sure they are protected from any kind of tampering. They should be weather-proof and have a night vision features.


  • Choose a window that doesn’t face the street


Rear windows are often targeted by burglars. You should select a window that’s away from direct view of the street to reduce the chances of getting caught. You can catch intruders who are out of sight of the street with the rear window cameras. It is best to install a wireless camera with remote control and which will be operated by a mobile app.


  • Mount a camera in plain sight


Many times, the presence of CCTV camera is enough to scare off the intruders. Night vision and motion-sensor floodlights would be great additions to your backyard cameras. If the backyard has a fence, ensure that the camera can view the gate or simply add another camera at the entrance.

If you are not sure how to install
security camera systems in NZ, it is best to hire a professional installer. It may cost you more but it is worth it in the end. The cost of hiring a professional CCTV installer depends on your home security needs, the location, and special offers. If you hire an installer, be sure to check their qualifications to avoid faulty installations that will cost you heavily in future.

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